Full Bio

A Private Conversation

Always a serious observer, I am sensitive to the visual nuances of life. The desire to clarify and provide a sense of order to what appears conflicting and chaotic is the driving force behind my expressive imagery. 

As I paint for hours, my world is simplified and reduced to a private conversation with my evolving image. Each stroke or mark has a voice which I struggle to hear and respond to. Sometimes I lash out intuitively without caution or respect, well aware that I may have to “pick up the pieces” when I am done. At other times, a quiet, thoughtful pause and “hushed whispers” seem to be what’s needed to refine the image. My work is layered with gestural marks from a brush loaded with rich oil paint, the intuitive juxtaposition of texture, the cutting edge imprinted by my palette knife or the intimacy of a confident stroke of ink. These expressive marks are the vocabulary of an exciting and very personal dialogue.

After settling in Charleston, I studied with numerous community artists as well as at The College of Charleston. Mentored and deeply influenced by William Halsey, I was encouraged to develop a free and creative statement, without fear of failure! Numerous courses at The Art Students League of New York have broadened my awareness and encouraged me to explore the multitude of approaches available to an expressive artist.

In addition to working in oil, mixed media, and collage, I am currently exploring printmaking. Painting on acrylic plates and printing large monotypes is exhilarating. The spontaneous spirit of painting is enhanced by the less direct marks made as the image is transferred by pressure to the paper.  Using the same elements of line against shape, sensitive and varied edges, contrast of value and depth, and fractured perspective, this new work is also filled with emotional energy.  As you interact with my images, I hope that my voice will resonate and invoke a personally meaningful response.