"I don't want viewers to be lulled into knowing what comes next.
Energy, movement and the unexpected are key elements in my work

Although I have called Charleston home for many years, I am still attached to my roots in Connecticut.  I have studied with numerous community artists as well as at The College of Charleston. Mentored and deeply influenced by William Halsey, I was encouraged to develop a free and creative statement, without fear of failure! Numerous courses at The Art Students League of New York have broadened my awareness and encouraged me to explore the multitude of approaches available to an expressive artist.

The most important thing to me are the marks. Marks excite me. They add variation and juxtaposition. The marks I make are the vocabulary of my story. They are my personal signature.

I enjoy using the elements of line against shape, sensitive and varied edges, contrast of value and depth, and fractured perspective. Although the mark-making may vary, my emotional energy speaks loudly throughout my work.  As you interact with my images, I hope that my voice will resonate and invoke a personally meaningful response.


Redux Contemporary Art Center marks the new chapter in my life. Working in my own studio space amongst 35 talented artists has inspired me to expand my approach. The joy you see in my new work is a reflection of this supportive environment. Feel free to stop by at your convenience...Just call ahead to make sure I’m in.

Susan Altman's original work is represented by Meyer Vogl gallery, located at 122 Meeting St, Charleston, SC, 29401.

Her paintings can also be viewed online at


Redux Contemporary Art Center is located at 1056 King Street, Charleston, SC, 29403.